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August 2017 Newsletter


Thank you, Lori Bright, for volunteering to write up the newsletter from August through December!


California Rare Fruit Growers – Central Coast Chapter

August Meeting: Les Ferreira's Garden and Introduction to the Art of Bonsai!

If you didn’t see Dr. Les Ferreira’s landscape on the 12th you really missed out! What an amazing place. Don’t let anybody tell you that they “Don’t have room for another plant”. Les’ place is the perfect example of how to make space where you think you have none. He has every plant you could ever want and his landscape is absolutely beautiful to boot!

Les gave us a quick introduction into the art of Bonsai. We were all so inspired that we have twisted Les’ arm, and he will be doing a more in depth demonstration for us in March. Don’t bring any “Heavy Metal” to this demonstration, (unless it is in the form of Pruners) as we will be serenaded by classical music as we prune. Only 15 total spaces are available and 4 of those have already been taken, so don’t miss out on this one. That’s March 3, 2018. Email Les at lsferrei@calpoly.edu to reserve one of the remaining 11 seats!

Les explains how and why the bonsai is cut. Photo by Joe Sabol.
We learn that listening to classical music ensures a calming experience while practicing the art of bonsai.

Joe introduces seven of this year's scholarship awardees. Standing, back row: Alisha Taff (CCC CRFG co-chair), Haleigh Jones, Kaitlyn Garcia, Kalena Bonnier-Cirone, David Luevano, Michaela Chin, Sunny Brucker, Foster Hengst. Photo by Joe Sabol.
2017 Scholarship Awardees!

Thank you to our terrific Sponsorship Committee, and the sponsorship awardees! Because of their hard work, we were able to award eight scholarships this year!

Kalena Bonnier-Cirone, Sunny Brucker, Michaela Chin, Kaitlyn Garcia, Dulce Espinoza-Valdez, Foster Hengst, Haleigh Jones, and David Luevano were awarded scholarships. Seven of the awardees were able to attend our August meeting to tell a little bit about themselves, their goals, and to receive their awards.

Our gratitude also to each CRFG member that donated plants and/or volunteered hours: your dedication and generosity allows these scholarships to be provided!

See 2017 Scholarship Awardees for more information.

San Luis Obispo Master Gardeners' Tomato Extravaganza

Aug 19th we will have a CRFG booth at the SLO Master Gardeners' Tomato Extravaganza.
See the story in The Tribune for details about this event!

Thanks to our volunteers who will help us with the CRFG Display and Plant Sale:
  • Lori Bright
  • Felicity Lazo
  • David Luevano (one of the CCC CRFG 2017 scholarship recipients!)
  • Mo Moudakis
  • Pat Moudakis
  • Gunde Nemling
  • Richard "Dick" Pottratz
  • Bridget Ritterbush
  • Jim Ritterbush
  • Linda Robertson
  • Tucker Schmidt
  • Alisha Taff
  • Nell Wade
The event goes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be in the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden, at 2156 Sierra Way, San Luis Obispo, CA. We are in the parking lot with a pop up tent, thanks to Marv Daniels.

Our thanks to Robert! What a very nice bunch of plants you donated to the M.G. Tomato Extravaganza!!!! We will also sell a few grafted trees, sign up new members, and make friends. The printed flyers about the plants will help us to "sell out" on Saturday!!! We will have our annual "truckers' hitch" workshop for Dick Pottratz. We shall stay in the shade and share a water bottle... or bring your own?

September's Chapter Meeting

September 9, we are in for a treat. We will be visiting with Dr. Tim LaSalle. Dr. LaSalle, (who was CEO at The Rodale Institute, among other amazing positions he’s held in his career) will share some of his wealth-of-knowledge regarding “Regenerative Agriculture.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

Help Needed Babysitting Rootstock for the February 2018 Scion Exchange!

Joe Sabol needs some caregivers for Pear and Apple rootstock trees. These roots are canned up in one gallon cans and need water and care as they are happy and growing!! We need care-givers to keep these plants watered and cared for until our Feb. 2018 scion exchange when they will be sold. Write Joe Sabol if you can babysit and water 25 or 50 of these precious rootstock: jsabol@calpoly.edu

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