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September 2017 Newsletter
by Lori Bright

Meeting: September 9, 2017

Another Festive Time was had by all! Thanks to our captivating hosts Tim and Judelon LaSalle. We visited their home, veggie garden, orchard and even enjoyed lounging in their beautiful barn while Tim and Judelon educated us on the attributes of "Regenerative Agriculture."

Welcome to our new attendees: Phyllis, Bill, Seth, Tracy, Justin and Jimmie!


Harvest Festival will be here soon: September 23, 2017 in Old Arroyo Grande. CRFG will have a booth where we will sell some great plants, make friends and recruit new members. We (the CRFG Central Coast Chapter) are the Scholarship Flagship and by selling our precious cargo (Rare Fruit Plants) we enable more students to reach their academic dreams. Go team!

October Events:
October 6, 7 and 8th the Growing Edible Education 2017 Symposium: Tri-counties Farm to School committee along with several other food-centric organizations will be showing off their demo-growing areas, give workshops and visit the City Farm.

October 11: See Joe regarding the new Ag Ambassadors.

October 14: Our next meeting will be held at the SLO Botanical Gardens.
For all of you that are willing, we would love to have a 6 minute lesson on your Favorite Rare Fruit and how to grow it. Contact Joe.

Nell Wade has asked that we hold onto any bags (like Starbucks bags) that we can use for root stock at the Scion Exchange (Saturday, February 17, 2018). Please set these aside as Nell will collect them closer to our Scion Exchange date.

Tim and Judelon LaSalle: A New Paradigm for Soil Health
Tim talks to us about compost as we stand on the dried remnants of the land cover crops he grew last winter and laid down with a device he borrowed from his neighbor: three water heaters soldered together!

Tim has provided us with both his PowerPoint presentation and additional notes:
  1. LaSalle PowerPoint Presentation (41 MB)
  2. LaSalle Notes (334KB Word document)
  3. Can American soil be brought back to life? (article)
Judelon introduced us to the theory of Biodynamics as well as some Biodynamic Preparations. One she is particularly fond of is a combination of cow manure, ground pillow basalt and egg shells. Judelon also elucidated on the amazing results derived from eating the Moranga leaf. Moranga has a full complement of amino acids, and seems to have great medicinal qualities (as well as being a “polite” non-invasive garden addition).

Tim expounded on the importance of Regenerative Agriculture. He highlighted 4 areas of global concern:
  1. Climate
  2. Water Shortages
  3. Hunger
  4. Soil degradation
These problematic issues can be best combated by readdressing our current methods of conventional soil treatments. Tim taught us about No-Till soil treatment, several methods of composting and how to use cover crops. All of these inputs can lessen the harsh soil-killing chemicals that poison our environment. Tim encourages us, not to just think of the soil and the plant as individual components of agriculture. With fungus, bacteria and the like, we need to put it all together and to “Think BIOM”.

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