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April 2018 Newsletter
by Lori Bright


We were remiss; Thank you Master Gardener Linda Robertson for hosting us last month at the UC Master Gardener Demo Garden. You made our experience just perfect.

Our May meeting will be at the renowned Las Pilitas Nursery. You won’t want to miss this one!

Joe has a new program for “gleaning” coffee grounds. Who doesn’t Love Coffee Grounds for their garden? See Joe for details.

Our State newsletter has always run on a tight budget. The photos and color have been kept to a minimum. Now THANKS TO A 750 THOUSAND DOLLAR DONATION from a CRFG member in Orange County, our newsletter editors will be kicking-it-up a notch! Thanks So Very Much from every one of us readers. We are so appreciative.

Meeting April 14th: SLO Food Bank Warehouse

Co-Chairs Alisha and Tucker standing in front of the Food Bank warehouse sign in San Luis Obispo
Our Co-Chairs Alisha and Tucker in front of the Food Bank warehouse in San Luis Obispo. Photo by Joe Sabol.

In April we had the pleasure of touring the new SLO Food Bank Warehouse. An incredible facility. Roxanne Sanders was our informative guide. This new location is larger, has more storage and works more efficiently. With its high ceilings, their palleted supplies are made accessible and easily rotated. The facility has 27 full-time workers and have many volunteers. Partnering with over 90 agencies and charities, they feed 46 thousand residents. They put together 600 “No-Cook” bags (think lunch bags) a month. The items in these bags are selected, with nutrient content and caloric concentrations in mind.

CRFG Central Coast members and guests learn from Roxanne Sanders inside the Food Bank warehouse 
		   in San Luis Obispo
Roxanne Sanders tells CRFG Central Coast members and guests all about the Food Bank operations in San Luis Obispo county. Photo by Joe Sabol.

The Food Bank works closely with schools and in-need senior citizen homes. One of SLO Food Bank’s proud partners is GleanSLO. GleanSLO was started in 2010 and works with residents to harvest overages from orchards and gardens. In 2017 alone, two hundred, seventy pounds of food were harvested by the SLOGleaners. Since their inception, the Gleaners have harvested over a million pounds of produce. The Gleaners boast over 1000 volunteers to date.

Nell presents a thank you gift of a peach tree to our host
Nell presents a thank you gift of a peach tree to our host. Photo by Joe Sabol.
What an amazing community we are so fortunate to live in! Thanks be, to all of you who currently volunteer your time in these organizations.

If you would be interested in volunteering for either organization, please visit their sites:

To see a spreadsheet of the many Distribution Locations offered by the SLO Food Bank see

And In Other News...

"The Quiet Rescue of America’s Forgotten Fruit"

John Valenzuela sent us the following about one man who is responsible for roughly half of the country’s stone fruit collection:

The Quiet Rescue of America’s Forgotten Fruit" by Anne Ewbank.

Yes, they're talking about C. Todd Kennedy, who has contributed nearly 700 varieties of fruit to the National Germplasm collections. Nice little article.

Many thanks are due to Mr. Kennedy for his life long work. (Buy his trees!) https://www.arboreumco.com/

He will be speaking at the 2018 Festival of Fruit on "The Trouble With Heirlooms."

February 2018 Scion Exchange Photos by Christine Chiu

Christine Chiu has shared the terrific photos she took at our Annual Scion Exchange last February. Christine, who is John Valenzuela’s partner, has a knack with a camera. Be sure to check them out!

Christine Chiu's Photo Album of the February 2018 CRFG Central Coast Chapter Scion Exchange.

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