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California Rare Fruit Growers – Central Coast Chapter

September 2018 Newsletter
by Lori Bright

Meeting: September 13, 2018

Nell and Eleanor help in setting up the big fruit bowl
The preparations are ready thanks to all CRFGers including Nell and Evelyn, and now it's time to eat!


Wow, we sampled a lot of fruit today. Everybody brought bite sized pieces of fruit and we had an amazing Salad Bowl Delight! We had Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Grapes, Nectarine, Plum, Jujubee, Dragon Fruit, Fig, Lemon, Cantaloupe, Mandarin, Crabapple, and Tomatoes. Did I miss anything?

Thanks this month for our fun visit from Consuelo from Cambria. She has been collecting a fruit tree from her friend Marv for many years now and she came by to thank him (and us) for the donated tree. Consuelo will be giving the tree away to the highest bidder at the Cambria Harvest Festival where the trees have previously gone for as much as $75.00! Nice Job Marv!

Dig in!
Fruit tasting and picture taking in the Orchard.
Sheri Durler Thompson, master of our Facebook site, receives an apple tree grown by Marv.
The Smith family, in search of Dragon Fruit pollen, joined us for the fruit tasting!

Facebook logo

Did you know that we now have a Facebook Page???
Thanks be to Sheri Durler Thompson, it is wonderful! Go check it out.

Upcoming Events

Can YOU help out at the Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival or the Fruit Festival (at the Seven Sisters Garden) on Sept 29th? If so, contact Joe, Alisha or Tucker. The Master Gardeners will be featuring Gopher Glen and a local Entomologist. Bring in your bugs for identification.

Orchard Work Day will be September 22, 9am to noon. We will have fruit for snacks! Please join us. Bring your tools and the tools you want to donate on September 22, ask Marv to sharpen them. He may not have electricity so will show you how to sharpen your own tool while sharpening it. Details are available on the Calendar.

Hey, do you have any tools you want to donate to the orchard? We now have a shed to put the tools in at the orchard. Roger Eberhardt donated wood from his spare wood pile, and Manny and Dara assisted him in building it. Manny and Dara report that Roger is a fun, knowledgeable, and patient teacher. Thank you Roger Eberhardt, Manny, and Dara. If you have any tools to donate, get a hold of Manny or Dara or just bring them to the Orchard Work Day on the 22nd.

October Meeting: We will be visiting a 10 acre Kiwi Farm in Nipomo! They will be in a pre-harvest mode. Are you as excited as I am?

Who wants to have a meeting held at their home? Don’t you want to have a peek into other peoples’ gardens? I know I love to check out how other people lay out their gardens/orchards, build their structures, deal with their pests, choose the varieties they choose. Let’s share! Ok, I’ll be the first to throw my hat in the ring. Let’s have a meeting at my (Lori’s) place. Joe, can we put it off til... say Next September? :-)
How about your place? Step right up, don’t be shy....

Update: Orchard Work Day and Lunch Provided by Lassens!

Saturday, Sept 22, 2018, 9am - 12pm

Group eating lunch of wraps and salads

Approximately 22 people came to the Orchard Work Day. Lassens Natural Foods and Vitamins off of Foothill Blvd. in San Luis Obispo provided an assortment of organic wraps, and fruit and Caesar salads for lunch. Thank you, Lassens, for our delicious lunch! Thanks, Alisha for coordinating with Lassens!

A large crew of CRFG volunteers braved a nest of rats, a snake, and choking dust, dragging our huge brush pile out to the lemon grove orchard road. There, Cal Poly's Johnny Rosecrans will turn the pile into mulch by running over it with his tractor and flail.

After the brush pile was moved we took a break and shared a Jackfruit that was bought from Foods 4 Less in SLO. The jackfruit took some effort to open, but Larry pried it open. The arils were initially juicy, though they dried out over the next few hours. Most agreed they liked the pineapple-mango-like flavor.
Also snacked upon were feijoas grown by Marv, jujubes grown by Alisha, and pineapple, grapes, bananas, cucumbers, and yogurt brought by orchard co-managers Manny and Dara.

Our new tool shed, built by Roger Eberhardt, Manny and Dara, is now mounted to the kiosk is actively working! Larry, Marv, and the Smith family have donated tools, and the shed is now fully functional. Mark Woelfe will paint the shed during the coming week.

Mark also planted four new dragon fruit plants donated by Joe. Three of the existing dragon fruit have flowers that will soon open! Joe led a group to check out the dragon fruit plants and answer their questions.

Dick and Marv staked up the leaning Paw Paw and Pakistani Mulberry trees, Lori hoed the many suckers, Jesse removed some branches with fireblight from one of the asian pears, and Marv and Larry trimmed the overhanging trees.

Lassens Provided Lunch!

Jeff and Victor at Lassens' SLO, THANK YOU for supporting our CRFG Orchard Work day by providing us a delicious, organic and healthy lunch! We appreciate you and your community support!

Brush Crew Moved The Entire Brush Pile!

Our brush crew moved a huge pile of brush from the back of the orchard to the lemon grove road so that Cal Poly's Johnny Rosecrans can reduce it to mulch with his tractor and flail. The crew braved rats, a snake, and choking dust. Thanks for your persistence, brush crew!

We Sampled A Jack Fruit!

Dara gained experience in cutting a Jack Fruit, and Larry pried the thing open. Dara says, "Thank you for sharing the jack fruit experience with me!"

Various Duties As Assigned!

Larry trims an overhanging tree, Lori hoes suckers.

New Tool Shed Up And Working!

Roger Eberhardt, Manny, and Dara built the shed from wood Roger had on hand. Manny and Dara attached the shed to the kiosk, and Larry, Marv, and the Smith family donated tools. Mark Woelfe painted the shed. Here, Manny and Adela stand by our tool shed, which is now full of tools!