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California Rare Fruit Growers – Central Coast Chapter

December 2019 Newsletter
by Lori Bright

December 14th, 2019: Christmas Party

Photo by Joe Sabol.
What a feast! Photo by Joe Sabol.

Next Meetings:

January 11th is our yearly Pruning Demonstration and Hands-on workshop. When you come to this meeting, be sure to bring all the tools of our trade.

Dean Harrell will be our "Guest Pruner" this year. Dean is an instructor of Agriculture at Cuesta College and has helped out during maintenance days in the CRFG Demonstration Orchard.

February 22nd will be our fabulous Scion Exchange. Please note the date, it will be the 4th Saturday of the month. I can’t wait, how about you? Be sure to check out our calendar on our website for all the details, and be sure to tell all of your friends to come.

December Meeting:

Well another fun year comes to a close. What a great group of folks to spend time with, and this December gathering proved no different.

Thanks to Joe and Art for the wonderful Slide Show that we got to watch during our lovely dinner. Thanks to Marv, Pet and Eric Daniels for the use of the PG&E Center.

Thanks again and again to Elaine, Karen and Evelyn for the great spread of yummies at this and every gathering that we have throughout the year.

Thank you, Karen! Photo by Sheri Thompson
Thank you, Evelyn! Photo by Sheri Thompson
Larry announces the nominees. Photo by Joe Sabol.

Nell reminds us that we have the Scion exchange coming up in February and we should pre-order rootstock now to receive our discounts.

Dara, Dara thanks so much for the beautiful job on the website, you are amazing!

All the nominees for positions for the year 2020 were voted in and we are prepped for another stupendous and successful year.

The raffle was a great success. Wow, there must have been at least one plant per person there to win. I, myself won a Rose Apple and a Kai Apple. What did you win? If you didn’t attend, let me let you in on what plants you missed out on:

Apples, Avocados, Macadamia, Cherimoya, feijoa, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Figs, Pineapples, Kai Apples, Rose Apples, Surinam Cherries, Lucumas, Strawberry Guavas, Loquats, Peruvian Passifloras, Pepino dulce, Guabiyu, Mango, Bananas, Dragon Fruit, Sapotes and Fingerlimes. Very Cool!

Photo by Sheri Thompson
Photo by Sheri Thompson
We eat, we listen, we learn. Photo by Joe Sabol.

Thanks to all that brought food to this yearly Pot Luck. The food was truly great. As we ate, we got to listen to the incredible speaker from Kellogg Garden Products, Gisele Schoniger. Gisele is a graduate of Cal Poly and began her career working with agricultural chemicals and specifically fertilizers. After years of testing the waters of Ag jobs, she landed in her true-calling. She now works for Kellogg Garden Products. Kellogg’s products are all OMRI listed (Organically certified).

Giselle tells us all about soil. Photo by Joe Sabol.

Gisele spoke to us about soil. Here is a snippet of what we learned:

What is Dirt? A. A mineral based and biologically challenged substrate.

What is Soil? A. Soil is teaming with life. Soil can fight off disease pressures & soil holds nutrients. Kelloggs creates amendments and potting soils, that as a company, is moving towards sustainability. Some of the additions to their soil mixes are: Forest Products, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, Chicken Manure, Mychorrhizae and kelp.

The roots of our plants have a symbiotic relationships with the micro-organisms living in our soil. The organic additives in Kellogg’s products feed those micro-organisms. These Micro-organisms produce food for our plants. Our plants then excrete exudates that feed the micro-organisms and Voila, an amazing circle of life.

Gisele likes to call it “The Original World Wide Web.”