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November 2019 Newsletter
by Lori Bright

November 9th, 2019: Carol and Robert Scott's Garden

A most fantabulous day for a Rare Fruit Grower! We met today at Robert and Carol Scott’s on The Mesa.

Carol and Robert answer questions about their property. An example of Carol's artwork is in the background.

The Scott’s have lived in their home for 42 years and have obviously used that time - as an enthusiastic RFG would - to grow every fruit they could get their hands on. They didn’t stop there though, they also have a plethora of Proteaceae and succulents.

Being artists (both of them), their yard is adorned with quirky, fun and ornate pieces of garden art.

Carol crafts her artwork from items found at yard sales and swap meets.
Robert has developed mad welding skills from former occupations.
More of Carol's artwork.

We started our meeting with Alisha thanking Tucker for helping with meetings while Alisha was unavailable. Tucker has done a wonderful job but it’s great to see you too Alisha!

Does anybody want to host a meeting at their home? We’re open to ideas.

Next meeting will be our Pot Luck at the P G and E Center. To be held at Noon on Dec 14. Bring a dish and any plants for our raffle.

Sheri asks that if you haven’t yet, come visit our Facebook page. facebook logo
It’s a lovely page: come join, share, learn and inform others.

There are a plethora of trees anywhere you look on the Scott's property. In this view alone lie a multi-grafted apple, asian pear, eugenia, cherry of the Rio Grand, and a Russian variety of manderin.

The Scott’s property is 2.4 acres and it is chalk full of amazing plants. The Scott’s are big proponents of growing their plants from seed, simply amazing! I have made an effort to list many of the edibles. Though this list isn’t “All Inclusive”, you’ll get the idea of just how incredible their place is. Bear with me while I try to list them in a nomenclature that could be understood by everybody. I’ll first list Genus, species then Common Names and ultimately cultivar names or just “Many” meaning several cultivars or seedlings. These are in no special order, so maybe use your imagination and visualize yourself walking through their garden as you read.

Genus SpeciesCommon NameCultivar Names (or "Many" if several cultivars or seedlings)
Eugenia unifloraPitanga, Surinam CherryVermillion and more...
Pouteria lucumaLucuma
Garcinia, several speciesLoquatBig Jim and seedings
Clausena excavataPink Wampee
Clausena spCinnamon Wampee
Eugenia aggregataCherry of the Rio Grand
Plinia caulifloraJaboticabaSeveral
Casimiroa edulisWhite SapoteVernon
Casimiroa tetrameraWooly leaved Sapote
Casimiroa pringlei
Pouteria sapotaMamey Sapote
Mespilus germanicaMedlarBreda
Morus albaSeveral
Morus nigra Several
Ficus caricaFig TreeOver a dozen cultivars
Murraya koenigiiCurry Tree
Juglans regiaWalnut TreeSeedlings and Carmelo
Psidium guajavaTropical GuavaSeveral with one called “Orange” by some Old-timers
Psidium catteyanumStrawberry Guava
Psidium catteyanum littoraleLemon or Yellow Guava
Feijoa sellowianaPineapple Guava
Asimina trilobaPawpawSunflower, Mango and Seedlings
Maclura tricuspidataChe Fruit TreeA pollinating pair
Eugenia brasiliensisGrumichamba
Myrcianthes pungensGuabiju
Elaeagnus philippinensisLingaro
Gleditsia triacanthosHoney Locust
Butia capitataJelly Palm
Bunchosia argenteaPeanut Butter Fruit Tree
Pimenta dioicaAllspice
Compomanesia phacaFlying Saucer Fruit Tree
Syzygium jambolanumJambolan
Dovyalis caffraKei Apple
Annona cherimolaCherimoyaMany
Olea europaeaFruiting Olive TreePendolino
Macadamia integrifoliaMacadamia Nut Tree
Diospyros virginianaAmerican Persimmon
Diospyros texanaTexas Persimmon
Diospyros kakiJapanese Persimmon or Kaki
Punica granatumPomegranateSeveral including a Scott’s original named “Blond Azure”
Persea americanaAvocadoMany

A Breda Giant Medlar.
Robert offers a dish of Paw-Paws from the Scott's trees.
Known as Umkokolo in Africa, this Kei apple tree has round, yellow, sour fruit. We found they were much too sour for some, tasty to others. Here, Robert points out its 2" thorns.
A tree provides the trellis for this healthy Dragon Fruit plant.
The Scott's vegetable bed.
These beautiful Chinese Mulberries were brought by Gabrielle from her home tree.
After having tasted the delicious Chinese Mulberries before the meeting, everyone raced toward this tree when we saw it in the Scott's yard.

As you might guess they also have a Citrus collection including Cara Cara Orange, Lisbon Lemons, two pummelo crosses called “Cocktail” and Poorman’s Orange, Owari Mandarins. They have Apples, Pears, Asian Pears, Plums, Pluots, Peaches and I’m sure I missed many. As for smaller fruit-bearing plants, they have Solanum muricatum - Pepino Dulce, Vanilla planifolia – Vanilla Bean Orchid, Ananas comosus – Pineapple, Lycium barbarum – Goji Berry, Capparis spinosa – Capper plant and so much more....

As for Pearls of Wisdom:
The Scott’s share that if they buy trees, they buy from Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards.
They purchase their cool gopher traps from Trapline Products.
They have horse poop delivered weekly and use every bit that they can get their hands on.
They collect seeds and grow incredible plants. Robert says that it’s All about Patience.

Trapline stainless steel gopher traps helped the Scotts catch 107 gophers this year so far!
Tags from a variety of apples hang down from the limbs of this tree. All trees are nourished with local horse poop, delivered every Monday.
Espaliered, grafted pluots include Dapple Dandy and Supreme. The limbs are cut in the spring when they get 1 foot long so that fruiting spurs will grow. Robert says he doesn't recommend espaliering pluots because of their vigorous growth.

CRFG Booth at Arbor Day, Saturday, November 2nd, 10-noon.

Tucker, Marv, Alisha, and Seth manning the CRFG Central Coast Chapter booth. Photo by Joe Sabol.
The CRFG Central Coast Chapter was represented at the San Luis Obispo Arbor Day festival.

Joe brought Dragon Fruit cuttings, Marv brought the sign as well as a carload of plants to sell, pineapple guava fruit, a pop-up and grafting tools. Manny brought plants to Marv to sell, and Tucker brought trees to sell. Seth brought tables and some plants to sell.

Thank you CRFG volunteers!

Orchard Work Day: October 26, 2019

Today's rockstars:
Front row: Maggie, Jessie, Henry, Lucy, Mike
Back row: Manny, Tucker, Seth, Pet, Marv, Frank, Christine, Lyn, Joe, Drina, Mark, Jenny

Eighteen people showed up and knocked out all the work by 11am! Weeds whacked, fallen tree signs rehung, broken drip emitters repaired or replaced, area under sycamore tree cleaned up and trash removed! Jujubes, Pettingill and Red Fuji apples, and a few asian pears were ripe and enjoyed!

Donations of Apple Trees Grafted by Marv Daniels and Tucker Schmidt

Tucker and Marv

CRFG is well represented by Central Coast members Marv Daniels and Tucker Schmidt. They grafted apple scions to one hundred root stock this year alone, and then gave the trees away to organizations they wanted to support. They paid for the rootstock, acquired the containers and potting mix, grafted, planted, fertilized, watered and then cared for these trees to donate them to organizations around the county!

A list of organizations that received grafted apple trees so far this year:

  • 4H Field Day
  • Academy Travel School
  • Afternoon of Epicurean Delights
  • Arroyo Grande Village Summer
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County
  • Canzona Woman's Voice
  • Central Coast Aquarium
  • Central Coast Railroad Festival
  • Center for Creative Thought
  • El Camino Homeless Organization
  • Fort Hope
  • GleanSLO
  • Hi Mt. Lookout
  • Jubilee By the Sea
  • Noor Foundation
  • Opera San Luis Obispo
  • Pacific Repertory Opera
  • Senior Nutrition Program of San Luis Obispo County
  • SLO Co, Golden Retrievers
  • Sr. Volunteer Services
  • Taste & See - St. Patrick's School
  • Vineyard Dog Park
  • Wellness Kitchen

Thank you Marv and Tucker!!!

Website Updates

EcoSlo Guided Hikes

List of EcoSlo local hikes.

Alisha provides us with this list of free, local, docent-led hikes from EcoSlo. She says, "For CRFG members needing to take a break from weeding and harvesting and canning the fruits of their labor, here is a fun way to get out and about on some guided hikes in the SLO area."