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Our Best CRFG Manners While Visiting Homes, Nurseries, Growers, etc.
1. We never bring pets to meetings/tours and we never even ask if we may!
2. We do our best to use public facilities or our own restroom before the meeting.
3. We do our best not to ask to go inside the hosts’ home.
4. We never pick fruit, flowers, foliage, weeds, seed pods and we never even ask.
5. We do our best to car pool and park with great respect to our host and the neighborhood.
6. We never talk when our host is talking. We do our best to stay up close when given a tour.
7. We never “take over” the tour and tell everyone how we do it at our home!!
8. We have thoughtful questions but try not to ask questions that embarrass our host.
9. We do our best to help our host feel good, feel appreciated. We clean up our mess.
10. We stay on the path, with our host …and never go walking around on our own unless given permission by the host.
11. At the end of the tour, we make a special effort to thank the host. We “gather up” and have some sort of “closure” to the tour.
12. We even write thank you notes when we get home, especially if we asked a lot of questions, were impressed, were surprised, were treated well. We write thank you notes even when we are not the leader!

Orchard Maintenance Day

Saturday, November 25, 2017, 9am - 12pm


Approximately 20 people standing for picture with gardening tools

We have lots of tasks to do! Come help fix up the orchard for January's pruning meeting!

We need to cut up a tree that fell across one of the fences, move brush to the back of the orchard, and spread a bunch of oak leaves that are currently in bags. But wait- there's more! We'll also weed, rake, fix drip lines, and perform other maintenance tasks.
Don't miss out on the fun!
If you need more information, call Tucker: (805) 709-4811.
Location: CRFG Orchard at Cal Poly.

Park in the dirt parking lot at the Crops Unit at the corner of Highland Drive and Mt. Bishop Road (parking is free on Saturday). Then walk back up Highland Drive to the orchard.

December Chapter Meeting and Potluck Holiday Meal

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Picture of potluck table

December Chapter Meeting and Potluck Holiday Meal

Members and guests are encouraged to bring a side dish, salad or dessert. The main dish will be provided by the Chapter. There will be a plant exchange and sale. Members are encouraged to bring fruiting plants to donate. Please do not bring citrus trees to this event.

Location: PG&E Energy Education Center, 6588 Ontario Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA.

Time: 12 p.m.
Bring: Members and guests are encouraged to bring a side dish, salad or dessert.

Members are encouraged to bring fruiting plants to donate to the exchange and sale.
Please do not bring citrus trees to this event.
Please leave your pets at home.

January 2018 Chapter Meeting: Pruning Clinic

Saturday, January 13th, 2018


Tom Spellman receives Festival of Fruit T-shirt from June

Pruning Clinic

This is our annual pruning clinic, open to the public!
No RSVP needed.

This year's guest speaker on pruning is Tom Spellman from Dave Wilson Nursery!

Location: Building 17, the "Crops Unit" on the campus of Cal Poly, SanLuis Obispo, CA. The Crops Unit is at the corner of Highland and Mt. Bishop Road, on the western edge of main campus. Best to enter campus on Highland, directly off of Highway 1. Parking is free in the dirt parking lot.

Time: 1 p.m.: Refreshments and socializing.
1:30 p.m.: Meeting begins with brief business announcements. Open to the public.
2:00 p.m.: Program begins, Tom Spellman, Guest Pruner and Presenter!! Open to the public.
After giving demonstration and few principles, the meeting will adjourn to CRFG Demonstration Orchard on campus, short walk from meeting location. Members and guests will be encouraged to prune one or more deciduous fruit trees under supervision of Mr. Tom Spellman.

Weather: Light rain will not cancel this event. Pruning workshop is outside, in the orchard!

Bring: Please bring your own pruning tools, drinking water, and folding chair.
Please leave your pets at home.


CRFG CC Planning Committee
tentative future meetings and ideas planning worksheet.
This document is used by the planning committee to share dates and ideas for future events. Dates on this worksheet are tentative. Use the calendar above to see confirmed CRFG CC events.

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