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Our Best CRFG Manners While Visiting Homes, Nurseries, Growers, etc.
1. We never bring pets to meetings/tours and we never even ask if we may!
2. We do our best to use public facilities or our own restroom before the meeting.
3. We do our best not to ask to go inside the hosts’ home.
4. We never pick fruit, flowers, foliage, weeds, seed pods and we never even ask.
5. We do our best to car pool and park with great respect to our host and the neighborhood.
6. We never talk when our host is talking. We do our best to stay up close when given a tour.
7. We never “take over” the tour and tell everyone how we do it at our home!!
8. We have thoughtful questions but try not to ask questions that embarrass our host.
9. We do our best to help our host feel good, feel appreciated. We clean up our mess.
10. We stay on the path, with our host …and never go walking around on our own unless given permission by the host.
11. At the end of the tour, we make a special effort to thank the host. We “gather up” and have some sort of “closure” to the tour.
12. We even write thank you notes when we get home, especially if we asked a lot of questions, were impressed, were surprised, were treated well. We write thank you notes even when we are not the leader!

December Chapter Meeting

Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Event: Holiday Potluck and Plant Exchange
Please note: this event is limited to members only because seating is limited.
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Location: PG&E Education Center: 6588 Ontario Road, San Luis Obispo, CA
Bring: A dish to share, and plants to exchange.
Details: This Saturday.... December 8th, you have already been invited to the Christmas Potluck and CRFG Meeting at the PG&E Educational Center on Ontario Road... We sure hope you are coming!!

People milling around lots of potted plants

Learn about Hoshigaki! After lunch, Jenny Weaver and other CRFG friends will tell us how to make these dried persimmons!

At this meeting, we will also have the biggest plant sale, plant exchange, plant raffle of the year!!! Pure fun!!! Please bring a bunch of money and be ready to buy these amazing fruiting plants grown by your fellow members!! Best selection!!! Best prices!!

Think about your neighbors who might need a Christmas gift... buy them a cherimoya plant or dragon fruit rooted cuttings on Saturday!!! Be a Santa in your neighborhood? If you have any "surplus fruiting plants" in containers, that you would like to donate... please bring them!!

Please no citrus plants to this meeting.

We are looking for quality fruiting plants ... clean, no disease, no insects, no weeds, no snails... Bring only what people will want to buy and take home in their backseat!!

If you can, please label your plants so we all know what they are. If there are "tips" for growing ... please include these with the label. Many of our members will buy their "first" rare fruit plant on Saturday and they will appreciate any guidance you can share.

Bring your plants to the front of the PG&E Building and get some help from the TEAM!! Bring them at 11:45 a.m.!!

We have a strong TEAM of volunteers who will accept your plants and add them to the Plant Sale Display. They will be ready for you at 11:40 a.m.!! If you want to help them... please volunteer!!

Please, no plants inside the Building!!!

Big thanks to these TEAM members who will be there early to accept your donation at the steps:
Nell Wade and Kathy Longacre (Co-Chairs), Roxy James and Ashley Pazirandeh. Be sure to thank these four volunteers for their leadership and service!!!

You will not want to miss this big meeting and the amazing plant auction (drawing?) this Saturday!!!

No rain is in the forecast for Saturday..... John Lindsey will be there, in person!!!! Get his autograph!!


A slideshow and examples will be given on the MAGIC and ART of making Hoshigaki. What is Hoshigaki? It’s the ancient Japanese art of drying and massaging whole, inedible, hard, astringent, Hachiya persimmons! Learn how to bring back this time consuming tradition.

Skinned persimmons hanging from wood poles by strings

Hoshigaki were first developed centuries ago in Japan as a means of saving fresh fruit for winter. The only other fruit available was Citrus. Hard Hachiya persimmons were dried and hung under the eves of homes and gently massaged. The tradition was brought to California by Japanese Immigrants and became common in the Sierra Foothills and San Juaquin Valley. WW2 brought an end to this magical and patient method of preserving persimmons.

Jenny Weaver, Carol Scott and Linda Robertson (three of our own CRFG Members) will explain how they have modified the art to fit their situations. Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

If you’ve ever mistakenly eaten an unripe Hachiya persimmon, you know how horrible they can be. It’s the worst mouth experience! Words like, tannin, bitter, sawdust, wool and sand are used to describe the inside of your mouth! So, it’s magic that in about five weeks, after gentle massaging, the hard inedible fruit is transformed into a tender, pleasantly chewy, sweet delicacy similar to a large date. You might even get a slice to sample if some are ready!

Don’t want to wait 5 weeks? You can buy them for $49 a pound plus $12.50 shipping, IF you can find them.

Too much money? You can also slice the hard Hachiya and put them in a dehydrator for about 24 hours and you’ll have a chewy snack.

What fun it is to be an active member of this fruit growing group!!!

January Chapter Meeting

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Event: Annual Pruning Workshop

Hands cutting of a small limb with pruning sheers

Our annual pruning meeting, with guest speaker Tom Spellman who will tell us all about pruning.

Afterward, we head on over to the CRFG Demonstration Orchard and try our pruning skills on real fruit trees.

An extra bonus: Marv Daniels has volunteered to sharpen and adjust your hand-pruners... for free!

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend this event.
Location: Building 17, the "Crops Unit" on the campus of Cal Poly, SanLuis Obispo, CA. The Crops Unit is at the corner of Highland and Mt. Bishop Road, on the western edge of main campus. Best to enter campus on Highland, directly off of Highway 1. Parking is free in the dirt parking lot.

Weather: Rain will not cancel this event.

Time: 1:00 p.m.: Refreshment team: A-H
1:30 p.m.: Meeting begins
Bring: Your note-taking device, pruning sheers, gloves, hat, and shoes appropriate for walking in dirt.

February 2019 Chapter Meeting: Scion Exchange, Grafting Clinic, and Rootstock Sale

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 (the 3rd Saturday of the month)


Scion hunters in the wild

Chapter Meeting and Annual Scion Exchange, Grafting Clinic and Rootstock Sale

This is our annual event, open to the public!
No RSVP needed.

First... we want you to save this date, Feb. 16th, for the annual CRFG Scion Exchange and Grafting Clinic and Rootstock Sale!! It will be held at Cal Poly, at the Crops Unit and we are expecting a good crowd so... come early and help us welcome our guests. Best parking will be along Mt. Bishop Road... This is our biggest meeting of the year and probably the most fun!!!

Second... we hope you will save your scionwood and bring it to this meeting on Feb. 16th. The general public is invited and they come to our meeting to get the free scionwood that YOU bring. Please bring clean, disease and pest free scion wood from deciduous fruiting plants; also wood from cherimoyas, avocados, and other sub-tropical plants that grow in our area.  We also welcome cuttings from figs, mulberries, pomegranates, grapes and other fruiting plants that can be propagated from cuttings.

We need you to bring healthy and disease free scionwood to the party!! The best scion wood is the young healthy growth made last year. These young shoots are at the top of your trees or at the terminal ends of side branches. Do not save and bring 2 year old wood... Best cuttings/scions are "pencil thick "about 3/8 inch thick,.... straight.... and only 8 or 10 inches long... Put these cuttings into a Ziploc bag with a wet paper towel and clearly mark the variety and kind of wood you are saving. You can fit 15 or 20 of these scions (all the same kind) in one bag. Refrigerate this material immediately and keep it cool until Feb. 17th. Do not freeze. Mark the bag with a permanent marker so people can read. Bring these Ziploc bags to the meeting... before 1 p.m.... and you will probably get admission to the scion exchange room ahead of those who come empty-handed!!

Finally..a few more quick tips and notes... Please do not bring any citrus or patented fruitwood (budwood/scionwood/cuttings): it is illegal. There will be rootstock for sale at this meeting so...you can purchase a rootstock and pick up free scionwood and then graft your own fruit tree. Yes, there will be 5 or six expert grafters from our chapter...demonstrating their favorite graft all afternoon. There will also be a "supply store" where you can purchase grafting knife and all the grafting supplies you might need.

This is a meeting you will not want to miss.... and is a fun one for you to invite others to come and join the fun.

Need more info? See our Scion Exchange page.

Still have questions? Contact Joe Sabol at Jsabol@calpoly.edu, (805) 544-1056.

Location: Building 17, the "Crops Unit" on the campus of Cal Poly, SanLuis Obispo, CA. The Crops Unit is at the corner of Highland and Mt. Bishop Road, on the western edge of main campus. Best to enter campus on Highland, directly off of Highway 1. Parking is free in the dirt parking lot.

Time: 12:00 p.m. Sale of rootstock and grafting supplies begin.
1:00 p.m. Entry for those bringing scions to share.
1:30 p.m. Entry for those not bringing scions.

Weather: Rain will not cancel this event.

Bring: Bring healthy scion wood:
  • The cut ends should be wrapped in a moist paper towel, and the bundle should be placed in a plastic baggie.
  • Write the specific varietal on the plastic baggie, one varietal per plastic bag. Scions without their specific varietal marked on the bag, as well as unmarked scion bags, cannot be accepted.
  • Please also include the variety's chill hours and whether or not the variety is self-pollinating, if you know that information.
You'll also need the following for your new scions:
  • Baggies with a moist paper towel in each to wrap the cut ends of your scions.
  • Your own Sharpie pen: to label your scions and baggies.
  • Masking or painter's tape: to wrap around scions for labeling.
Please leave all pets at home.

March 2019: Chapter Meeting

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

Event: Annual Propagation Meeting

More information will appear here closer to the event.
Location: Master Gardeners’ Community Garden, the Seven Sisters Garden, 2156 Sierra Way, San Luis Obispo, CA

Parking is a serious concern. The first 50 cars can park in the Ag Commissioners' parking lot adjacent to the Seven Sisters Garden. For overflow parking, please show courtesy to neighbors by parking at distant locations and walking to the garden.
Time: 1:00 p.m.: Refreshments and socializing.
Refreshment team: R-Z.

1:30 p.m.: Meeting begins.

Weather: Rain will not cancel this event.


CRFG CC Planning Committee
tentative future meetings and ideas planning worksheet.
This document is used by the planning committee to share dates and ideas for future events. Dates on this worksheet are tentative. Use the calendar above to see confirmed CRFG CC events.