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Fruit Trees in the Central Coast Area

Fruiting plants that grow in the Central Coast area: our members share their first-hand experiences.

CRFG Videos

CRFG Video Gallery- new in 2017: videos that explain how-to and why-to.
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  Central Coast Chapter Member Videos

From Joe Sabol:

Joe Sabol holding an apple.

 Cleft Grafting
 Why You Should Learn to Graft
 How To Taste Fruit
 What's a Fruit Hunter?
 Why It's Fun To Be a Fruit Hunter


Joe balancing on one leg on an orchard ladder to pollinate dragon fruit.

Orchard Ladder Safety:
Useful tips on proper use from the University of
California Agriculture and Natural Resources Risk and Safety Services.

Joe risks life and limb
just to show you what
not to do on an
orchard ladder!


Art DeKleine explaning how to prune a young fruit tree.

  "Pruning 1-2 Year Old Trees and Dwarf Trees" presentation  
    by Art DeKleine
    PDF (1.1 MB)   
    PPT (4 MB)
    Created for the 2017 CRFG Central Coast Pruning Workshop.
    The embedded video included in this presentation is "How to Prune Young Fruit Trees."

Chill Hours

The total number of hours that a plant must be exposed to less than 45 degrees F during its dormant period in order to produce properly developed fruit.

Chill Hour Calculators:

Low Chill Help

Tree selection tool courtesy of Dave Wilson Nursery.
   Select trees based on chill hours and USDA zones.

Good tasting low chill fruit picks by Tom Spellman.

Q & A:

Q. "I am trying to figure out which peach trees to plant in my orchard. I currently have a May pride and an Elberta. I want to add two or three more peach trees but I want to pick varieties that give me the longest harvest. Do you have any suggestions on good low chill varieties that might help with this?"
A. "You are doing the right thing by planning your harvest times early. My first suggestion would be to go to the Dave Wilson site and look at the harvest chart, it shows harvest times for a wide variety of fruit, note the late peaches, then cross reference with their low chill peach list. You could further narrow by seeing if any of the late low chill peaches are also on their top taste test winners list." Larry Hollis