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The 2015 Orchard Manager, David Gurney, started a new tradition: collecting information on how well the trees were fruiting. Below are David's annual reports. Stay tuned to find out how the trees do in 2017!

2016 Fruit Performance

  • New trees added:
    • Dapple Supreme Pluot
    • Shanxi Li Jujube
    • Syunt Pomegranite
    • Parianka Pomegranite
    • Eversweet Pomegranite
  • No fruit on apricots, cherries, and Nectazee mini-peach.
  • Huge crop on plums, pluots, nectarines and peaches.
  • Li jujube had a nice crop. Some very large fruit.
  • Apples had a medium size crop with small fruit, with the exception of Einshemer, which had some large fruit.
  • Fire blight started in late spring on Shinseiki Asian pear. This spread to the nearby Pettingill and White Pearmain apples, then to the Keiffer pear. The other Asian pears were not affected. We cut out the diseased wood, but when the weather got warmer the fire blight stopped.
  • All of the Asian pears had fruit, but not a medium or heavy crop.

2015 Fruit Performance

  • Apples- All of the apples had a good crop of fruit.
  • Apricots- None of the apricots had any fruit.
  • Asian pears- Shinseiki had fruit. The others were late to leaf out (mid-June) and had a few small fruits in December.
  • Cherries- No fruit.
  • Jujube- A great surprise: the tree produced at least dozens of fruit.
  • Nectarines- Heavy crop with 2 exceptions: The Nectazee and Double Delight had no fruit.
  • Peaches- A heavy crop of peaches with 1 exception. The Donut peach had no fruit.
  • Pears-Keiffer, 20th Century had fruit.
  • Persimmons- A few fruits on 2 fuyu trees. And 3 fruits on the Hachiya.
  • Plums- Not even 1 plum on any of the varieties.
  • Pomegranate- No fruit.